3LT Merchant Controlled Digital

​Marketing Platform:

Clearwater Beach, Florida U.S.A.

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None of us like being bombarded with Ads, coupons, promotions and offers from all of those companies that we may have [out of convenience] given our personal information to, in order to secure a deal.


We don’t even like the fact that these companies know who we are, much less understand what we really like.  They are just fishing…for our business.


3LT has developed a new marketing service that addresses the inadequacies in the industry's current standard marketing strategies.


Local merchants are able to send out promotions, discounts, coupons, etc [through a 3LT Proxy Service] directly to existing and potential local customers [via the 3LT subscriber list], rather than utilizing a traditional internet website or group email list.  As customers engage, the merchant can customize special offerings that target those customers that have a propensity and history of patronage at their establishment.


Customers are also able to send special requests to the merchants [through the 3LT Proxy Service] regarding their requests for customized and tailored promotions and offerings. The merchant then sends an offer back to the customer to address their request.  Customers can also view customized merchant offerings [using the 3LT mobile application], or by visiting and logging on to the 3LT supported website.


3LT is changing the face of marketing, as we know it today!